Other mental health conditions

We would love to include information on every mental health condition out there, but with almost 300 recognisable mental health disorders this is a really challenging task. We would hate to overwhelm you with too much information, so instead we have included information on some of the most common mental health conditions, as well as conditions that we receive the most enquiries about – depression, anxiety, substance (including alcohol) use disorder, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. For information on other mental health disorders, for example schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, gender dysphoria, personality disorders (to name but a few), we recommend visiting reputable sites (and only reputable sites). Some sites that have been recognised as reputable by the Australian Government include:

Mind Health Connect At Ease DVA Beyond Blue e Headspace Health Direct



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1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness each year. Many suffer in silence due to the stigma and lack of education around mental health. LIVIN is helping change this. Each flag represents where we have delivered our LIVINWell In School program. Help us fill the map and spread the word that “It ain’t weak to speak”.