Dive into mental health with our two-minute adventures.
Explore the mental health continuum, spot warning signs, practice self-care, and become a legendary support system. Packed with entertainment and invaluable lessons, this journey is a duckin’ blast!

Episode 1: QUACKED

In the debut episode, “Quacked,” Detective Duck finds himself in a feather-ruffling career slump as he struggles to crack cases. We’ll witness his quacking good detective skills slowly unraveling as he faces a formidable opponent: the bird flu. But fear not, this clever parallel serves as a gentle reminder that just like physical health, mental health can take a turn for the worse. Through Detective Duck’s struggle, viewers learn the importance of early intervention and prevention in maintaining a stable mental state.

Episode 2: DUCK DOWN

In the second episode, titled “Duck Down,” Detective Duck’s feathered friends gather ’round to discuss warning signs and symptoms that may indicate their legendary detective is having a tough time. They open up about their own experiences, sharing stories of tough times and triumphs. This heart-warming and humorous episode highlights the significance of supporting one another and reminds viewers to keep an eye out for any changes in behavior that might suggest someone needs a helping wing.


In “Quack to Wellness,” our flock of friends engages in a lively discussion about self-care strategies. They discover that what works for one bird might not work for another. From flipper rubs to beak massages, they explore the unique ways they can prioritise their own well-being while being there for Detective Duck. This episode also serves as a reminder that taking care of oneself is key to offering support to those around you.


In the final episode, “It Ain’t Beak to Speak,” Superintendent Swan swoops in to lend a helping wing to Detective Duck. With genuine care and a listening ear, Superintendent Swan shows us that you don’t need to be a mental health professional to make a difference. Their heartfelt conversations demonstrate the power of understanding and empathy. And of course, they remind us that sometimes seeking professional help is the best path to regaining our legendary status.

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