Our Values

Family First Community

LIVIN was started by family for family and that is why everything that we do begins and ends with family. We put our family first…period!  The all inclusive LIVIN community is an extension of our family and we prioritise their wants and needs accordingly.

It Ain’t Weak to Speak

We honour our word, we walk the talk and practise what we preach. We look after ourselves as we encourage others to do the same through self-care and speaking up. Seek to understand, not to cast judgement. Safe conflict and safe confrontation with the intent to help people to become better versions of themselves.

Keepin’ It Real

We operate in a serious and sensitive space, but we do it in a way where we stay true to ourselves. We know when to have fun, we know when to laugh but we also know when to be serious and professional. Our culture may be casual and easy going, but as new ideas emerge, they are shared, tested and put into practice. Evidence and expertise guides all that we do, without compromising on creativity.

Better than Yesterday

Our work comes with great responsibility and we know that what got us here today won’t always be up to standard tomorrow. We strive to always be better, otherwise we know we will be left behind. We understand that we must always be learning and growing both professionally and personally. We set the standard high knowing the standard we walk past is the standard we accept. We are accountable, If someone says they will do something, you can be sure they’ll do it. If they say they’ll be somewhere, they will be there.

How you can help spread the message?

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