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Every 40 seconds,
someone in the world takes their own life.

Each loss will negatively impact up to 135 more people.
We are here to help change that. #Itaintweaktospeak.

Brands who have had LIVINWell In Work


It costs us $19.92* per child to deliver our 45 minute potentially life-changing conversation about mental health.

Those 45 minutes include recognising problems, seeking help, and supporting others.
Those 45 minutes could stay with that child for life.
We need your help to have more conversations.

*Based on a series of data analysis and cost assumptions.



People reached thanks to your help #ITAINTWEAKTOSPEAK

1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness each year. Many suffer in silence due to the stigma and lack of education around mental health. LIVIN is helping change this. Each flag represents where we have delivered our LIVINWell In School program. Help us fill the map and spread the word that “It ain’t weak to speak”.

LIVINWell In Work

A mental health education program designed to break the stigma surrounding mental health and promote positive mental health in team environments.

  • Conversational strategies to drive stigma reduction
  • Information on when and where to get professional help
  • Effective strategies to help yourself including coping, resilience and stress management
  • Strategies to help others

What they’re saying

The program had a huge impact to general morale and reinforced the importance of self-care to all of our team… By extension, it also made an impact on their families, particularly those with teenagers. Really useful information to help parents go home and start a conversation with their own children.”

Brands who’ve had LIVINWell In Work


One .
20life changing conversations.

Each piece of LIVIN apparel that is worn could create on average 20 life-changing conversations about mental health.

What our supporters say

“LIVIN’s corporate mental health programs have had a positive impact on our organisation. The practical workshops and open discussions have helped us manage stress and improve our overall well-being. I would recommend it to any company seeking to support their employees’ mental health.”

“LIVIN’s mental health clothing has been a fantastic conversation starter for me. Wearing their apparel not only sends a powerful message about the importance of mental health, but it also encourages meaningful discussions with friends, colleagues, and even strangers. It’s a subtle yet effective way to help break the stigma surrounding mental health, and I’m proud to be a part of that conversation.”

“Being a follower of LIVIN’s social media content has been a transformative experience. Their posts, stories, and engagement with their audience create a strong sense of community around mental health. It’s more than just following; it’s being a part of a movement that promotes awareness, support, and understanding.”