About Us


LIVIN is a non-profit mental health organisation that was founded in 2013 in loving memory of our friend and a great man, Dwayne Lally. Dwayne took his life after living in silence with a mental illness.

Like a lot of people, Dwayne lived in silence because of the stigma that surrounds mental health and he didn’t know how to ask for help. Everything we do is about empowering people to speak up because It Ain’t Weak To Speak®. We want to be proactive in combating mental Illness, through championing mental health; encouraging preventative action and help seeking before things become unmanageable.


Breaking the stigma of mental health; Improving people’s mental health through early intervention and prevention initiatives.


We will do this through our 3 core pillars.

1. LIVINWell

We made a promise to deliver our LIVINWell mental health education and stigma reduction program FREE into schools right around the country.

For real change, we need to break the stigma surrounding mental ill-health and normalise asking for help through education.  

  • LIVINWell In Schools
  • LIVINWell In Work
  • LIVINWell In Communities
  • Media and interviews
  • Podcast
  • Social Media
2. LIVINWear

To maintain change, mental health needs to be kept front of mind. 

  • Apparel
  • Social Media
3. LIVINLife

For a generational change, a unified front is needed.

  • Collaboration and sponsorship
  • Volunteering and fundraising
  • Events
  • Social Media

We are a mental health charity that people can interact with everyday – whether they are having a good or bad day.

We want to empower people to help each other. We want to empower those suffering in silence to share their struggles. We want to equip people with the right tools to encourage and support one another. We want to encourage them to start LIVIN again. 

In summary we Educate, Eliminate, and Empower.


How you can help spread the message?