A Mental Health
Education and Stigma
Reduction Program for Work.

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LIVINWell In Work Participants

Over 230,000 

LIVINWell In Work Participants

Over 230,000 

Help us have more conversations.

For many children in Australia, there is no relationship with mental health. Our 45-minute LIVINWell Program is life-changing and potentially life saving

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What is LIVINWell In Work?

A mental health education program
designed to break the stigma surrounding
mental health and promote positive
mental health in team environments.

LIVINWell is a 45 minute program with a specific focus on helping participants to better understand mental health in the workplace. Delivered by carefully selected and experienced facilitators, upon completion of the program your employees will be equipped with:

  • Conversational strategies to drive stigma reduction
  • The knowledge to identify warning signs and symptoms of mental health challenges
  • Strategies to help colleagues, friends or family who may be at risk or struggling
  • Effective strategies to help themselves including coping, resilience and stress management
  • Info on when and where to get professional help

Did you know that almost 50% of Australians will experience mental health struggles?

Did you know that almost 50% of Australians will experience mental health struggles?


If there is one
message we want
people to keep, it’s

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When we are kids, we are told to slip, slop, and slap on sunscreen when it comes to protecting ourselves from the sun.
We want that same reaction when we talk about mental health. If you’re struggling with your mental health or thinking of suicide, protect your mental health at all costs and reach out for help, because #itaintweaktospeak.


LIVIN is a not-for-profit mental health organisation that was founded in 2013 in loving memory of our good friend Dwayne Lally who took his own life after suffering in silence with a mental illness.


“Breaking the stigma of mental health;
Improving people’s mental health through early intervention and prevention initiatives.”

  • Create a brand that makes mental health relatable and that people can build an enduring relationship with.
  • Promote positive mental health and wellbeing for people through early education and awareness programs.
  • Empower people to be open, vulnerable, and engage in conversations.
  • Increase help seeking behaviours.
  • Reduce the risk of suicide in the community.
Helping Teams.

Better for one. Better for all.

Mental health education has been shown to have an increase in business productivity and profitability; improved staff health, morale and wellbeing; greater staff engagement and lower staff turnovers; as well as contributing to a better, more positive world. What are you waiting for?


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PLUS: each booking secures a FREE program in a school, impacting up to 100 young people! How good is that?