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Every 40 seconds, someone in the world takes their own life. Each loss will negatively impact up to 135 more people. We are here to change that.

As the number of young Australians experiencing mental ill-health and suicide increases, our LIVINWell In Schools Program has never been more important.

Your donations go directly towards funding our LIVINWell In Schools Program and also help us train new facilitators so we can provide valuable resources to students across Australia.

It costs our organisation approximately $19.92 per student to deliver our 45-minute LIVINWell In Schools program. On average, we speak to 100 students for every LIVINWell In Schools Program we deliver which costs us around $2,000.

By supporting LIVIN, you are joining a community that is working to reduce the stigma of mental health, and improving mental health through early intervention and prevention initiatives. Everything we do is about empowering people to speak up because It Ain’t Weak To Speak®. We need your help to have more conversations.

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