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< 1 Minute Read | Posted during August 3, 2021
At LIVIN we appreciate how tough it is for a lot of people out there and while doing a fundraiser for your favourite charity is an awesome gesture that gets your friends, family and community, sometimes it’s just not possible and we get it.

But there are a stack of other ways that you can get involved and support LIVIN and you can make it as big or as small as you like because every single dollar and gesture of support counts and helps contribute to the work we do:


Help the environment and help your favourite charity (that’s us 😉 at the same time! Simply take in your bottles and cans to your nearest Containers for Change depot and quote our LIVIN Scheme ID: C10242568 for your generous donation to be transferred straight through to LIVIN.


Facebook provides one of the easiest ways to round up all of your social network community for a great cause – a Facebook fundraiser for your favourite cause or charity! All you have to do is jump on Facebook, go to your home page, select the option of ‘Fundraiser’ on the left hand menu and vula you’re away! Remember to select the option for ‘Top LIVIN’ and follow the prompts and an option for your friends and family to instantly donate to your favourite charity will appear on your Facebook page with funds being directly transferred through to LIVIN from Facebook. Note: LIVIN is registered under ‘Top LIVIN’ on this platform.


How does accessing discounts to thousands of venues, events, restaurants, travel and so much more sound? Well lucky for you it’s as easy as purchasing your online membership to the awesome Entertainment Book (which is now 100% digital) and while you’re there you get to pick which charity or cause you would like to support as part of your purchase and even luckier for you, LIVIN is one of the charities that you can chose!


Our very own online fundraising platform can be found right here on our website and thanks to the team at My Cause, you also have the option of finding and supporting any of our incredible fundraisers who have set up their own individual initiatives in support of LIVIN. So have a scroll through our LIVIN MyCause page and meet some fellow LIVIN legends like yourself who are finding awesome ways to support the charity and work that we do.


Through our registration with the workplace giving platform, Good2Give, arranging a workplace giving initiative with your staff and work colleagues has never been easier! Workplaces are becoming more engaged in providing their employees the opportunity to be involved with charities whether it’s through volunteering, donating or salary sacrifice and is a great way to build some morale and help a great cause. Note: LIVIN is registered under ‘Top LIVIN’ on this platform.


There are so many community events around Australia that you can get involved in either as a team or an individual. Check out all of the events that offer the option to support LIVIN through their registration and fundraising through our friends at GrassRootz. So get amongst it!

And this year we are proud to announce that the Village Roadshow Gold Coast Marathon is back for 2021 and LIVIN has been confirmed as one of the official charity partners for the event. You can get involved in a few ways (either virtually or at the event) including lacing up to register for one of the races for the Gold Coast Marathon and be a part of Team LIVIN. If you can’t make it, you can always take a look at some of the other participants who have set up a fundraising page for LIVIN and throw them a few bucks! All funds received from the Gold Coast Marathon are transferred directly to LIVIN and helping the organisation and spreading awareness on mental health.


Not much to figure out here it’s as simple as it sounds. Simply Click on the Donate button on our website and enter your details. We receive notifications on every single donation and love reading the messages that come through from our supporters on the reason they donated, it means a lot to us to know your ‘why’ so we can put your generous donation towards our ‘why’ which is to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

However you support us know that it is all making a difference and we appreciate every single gesture of support which all contributes to our ability to deliver our LIVINWell Schools Program all across Australia to high school students as part of our aim to encourage anyone who is struggling that It Ain’t Weak to Speak.

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