LIVINWell In Community

Get the LIVIN Team in your Community

LIVINWell is a 45-minute mental health educational program building on LIVIN’s mantra that “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. The program aims to break the stigma of mental health, enhance self-efficacy (both helping yourself and helping others) and encourage help-seeking. LIVINWell is delivered by carefully selected, experienced and highly relatable facilitators with a blend of lived experience and mental health training.

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  • Overview of LIVIN, including an inspiring and heart-felt video explaining LIVIN’s origins.
  • Conversations to drive stigma reduction.
  • Information on warning signs and symptoms of mental health challenges.
  • Practical strategies to help those around you who might be struggling.
  • Effective strategies to help yourself (coping strategies/ stress management strategies).
  • Information on organisations who can provide professional help.